Resonator Intervention Tools

Resonator’s product line will consist of indispensable tools for the wireline operators and has the potential to change the productsoppeway execution of interventions is done. Today there is a wide variety of jarring and stroker tools available, but the Resonators will introduce a remarkable change; Instead of providing one heavy stroke or a straight pull to the stuck object, the Resonators will use vibrations to gently affect the desired object.

The tools will be compatible with today’s electric wireline equipment, and could easily be used in combination with other equipment as a part of BHA, in combination with a tractor or stand-alone as a «fishing-tool».

Resonator Hammer Drilling System


The Resonator core technology is powerful enough to create a hammer suitable for oil and geothermal drilling. As a first step Resonator will develop a hammer system for coiled tube drilling. We will then have access to the needed power supply and so one of the biggest challenges, compared to developing a system for conventional drilling, is already solved.

Resonator Seismic Imaging Unit

Based on the core technology of Resonator, evaluation was carried out on a seismic acoustic imaging unit to be used, for example, in seismic survey, measurement while drilling (MWD), seismic monitoring while drilling (SMWD), downhole source, etc. It has features including high energy density, easy frequency sweeping, environmental friendly, to mention a few.