History from 2004.
  • May 2014, Resonator is seeking an Application engineer.

  • March 2014, Resonator has hired two new engineers. We look forward to future work with these two strong applicants.

  • June 2013, New vacant positions.
    Resonator is seeking for PhD/MSc. in electrical power engineering /cybernetics and PhD/MSc. in mechanical engineering. We are preparing for recruitment of more Siv.Ing. and Dr. ing. candidates over the next 12 -14 months. (More: 910107-PDF-Draft for application engineer.pdf910107-PDF-Draft for application engineer.pdf

  • June 2012, DEMO2000 support. Our project «Resonator high frequency (HF) electrified drill hammer for cost efficient percussion drilling» was one of the nine projects got support from DEMO2000 recently. (More…) 

  • May 2012, Prototype 2B tested for frequency higher than 100Hz The prototype 2B was tested with gas springs and resonant frequency higher than 100Hz. 

  • April 2012, New test rig. New test rig was built and drilling tests were carried out with the new rig and gas springs. 

  • March 2012, PostDoc Mr. He Yongqing started at NTNU. Dr. He Yongqing started his PostDoc study at NTNU on the subject of applications of ferrofluids in Resonator technology. The project is funded by Statoil and Professor Robert Nilssen at the Department of Electric Power Engineering of NTNU is the supervisor. 

  • November 2011, Two new prototypes are going to run in parallel.
    New prototype was tested with gas springs. More tests on gas springs will be carried out by the end of 2011 and 1st quarter of 2012. 

  •  August 2011, New master students. New master students from NTNU and UMB are working on topics related to Resonator technology. 

  • May 2010:
    New company address

Visiting addresssresonatorslependen.png

Resonator AS
Pustutveien 18
1396 Billingstad?

Postal address
Resonator AS
P.O. Box 14
1312 Slependen


  • January 2010:New facility.
    New facility for design and assembly of new machines at UMB in Ås. 150m2 and workshop available.

  • Desember 2009: New management. Svein Hestevik is new CEO and Chairman. 

  • November 2008: New prototype 
    First prototype with dimensions suitable for operating in oil wells is finished. There is a video of the prototype here.

  • January 2008: Technology on TV. The technology was shown at TV2 «Skaperen» on the 11th February 2009. 

  • January 2008: More powerful powersupply to new prototype. See video recorded at Petromaks, NFR here.

  • January 2008: PhD candidate employed 
    Shujun Zhang is now employed as a Resonator funded PhD candidate at NTNU in Trondheim at the Department of Electric Power Engineering. Shujun will be working with power electronics for resonators.

  • November 2007: New owner. One Earth Energy AS is new main share holder in Resonator.

  • June 2007: Participation on Drilling Engineering Association Workshop, Galveston, Texas 
    Resonator is represented with three delegates at the 2007 Drilling Engineering Association Workshop: Drilling & Completing Deeply Buried
    Reservoirs, in Galveston, Texas on June 19-20th 2007.

  • September 2004: Resonator AS founded 
    Incorporation of the company was registered on the 29th September 2004. Organization number is 987 378 786.